Achieve Your Maximum Potential

When our bodies work most efficiently we are happy, have a great outlook, and can express ourselves to our fullest potential. When we are not at our peak, our outlook begins to change and we create stress which can manifest itself physically, mentally and emotionally. We begin to get locked in patterns which may prevent efficient movement and cause chronic pain.

The main therapy that I practice is called Structural Integration, more commonly known by the trademarked name of Rolfing® (after D.r Ida P. Rolf, the founder of this unique modality). By gently assisting you to find your greatest resources, we begin to overcome patterns of inefficiency. Movement is used to remap our nervous system, and we begin to track changes in our patterns. This approach allows your system to relearn and thus integrate the benefits of this therapy after the session ends. Another reward of the session is to have the body stacked more efficiently. Because of this some clients perceive a temporary distortion of gravity, or physical adaptations may occur.

Rolfing is a way to calm the nervous system in areas that have been heightened due to trauma or stress. It is a gentle approach to gain ease and efficiency in movement. This communication with the body is what traditional modalities may not address. Rolfing Structural Integration is not massage and has a different intention; Rolf sessions may not be ideal for those with a massage therapy mindset. I encourage everyone to try at least 1 session as most people are pleasantly surprised by how they feel afterwards. I currently enjoy working with postural issues, acute and chronic pain, rehab and 'pre'-hab. 

Thank you for searching for a certified, licensed and professional Rolfing© Structural Integration practitioner. I am currently accepting clients for morning, afternoon and evening appointments. You may contact me via telephone, text or email if there are any unanswered questions or if you would like to request an appointment. Our military men and women, active and veteran are always welcome. Each year on or near May 19th, I will host a free children's clinic (ages 0-10) to celebrate Dr Rolf's birthday. Thank you for visiting. If you found this in search of some sort of health or wellness, please always continue your journey.