Rolfing Structural Integration is a unique approach to help you find ease and comfort in your body. Over the years, your body accumulates tension and strain as a means of adapting to the environment and the stresses of everyday life. So how does it work?

We work together to find restricted places in your body, places that are not moving. Sometimes it’s adhesions in the fascia (the body’s connective tissue system) that are restricting movement. Sometimes we mobilize neural pathways (nerves) that are inflamed and entrapped in the surrounding tissue (yes, nerves like and need to be able to move).  Other times it’s examining movement patterns that are holding you back from moving with more ease and grace.


Rolfing is an integrative and holistic approach to the body. We’re always striving for whole-body changes rather than just treating a particular area. That nagging pain or discomfort you’re trying to get rid of is most likely caused by imbalances throughout your entire structure, not just the area that hurts.

We also might uncover limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living more fully. Restrictions in the body can relate to restrictions in your life: your self-esteem, belief systems, how you see yourself in the world, what you think is possible or impossible for your life, etc.

In my experience, Rolfing covers a lot of ground. It can simply be a means for resolving chronic pain. It can also be a catalyst for profound life changes.


Rolfing can address a wide variety of chronic pain issues, very often the nagging type of discomfort you may have tried to resolve with other methods.

Do you struggle with any of these?

  • Low back and hip pain
  • Leg discomfort or shooting pain
  • Neck, shoulder and arm problems
  • Knee and ankle pain
  • Headaches / Migraines