My journey into massage began with my martial arts training. I began to look inward at the limitations of my own mind and body. I realized working around machines and chemicals was not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. I needed to bring about a change that could challenge me on many different levels.

In 2004 I chose to study at National University of Health Sciences outside of Chicago. This chiropractic college had a night massage program which was very challenging. The doctors there taught the medical side of massage with an in depth emphasis on anatomy.

My first massage practice was set up in Mannheim Germany. I worked with soldiers and their families dealing with the everyday stresses of military life. This was a great experience that set the stage for my career.

I have been a resident of North Carolina since 2008. During this time I have worked with various offices of chiropractic and physical therapy. I work with Ammons Chiropractic where I set up the Posture Zone rehab exercise protocol in the therapy department. I have earned the Certified Posture Exercise Professional (CPEP) through BodyZone.com and work with many postural issues. Here is a fun interview I did with BodyZone discussing the posture protocol.

I am currently in training at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration where I will become certified to practice beginning November of 2017. Please inquire about this unique modality which has changed my own structure and allowed me to move effortlessly.

I currently serve Sanford and it's surrounding areas.